The seeker is you…

“It is almost as if we are all playing a big game of hide-and-go-seek. We all hide, expecting to be found, but no one has been labelled the seeker. We stand behind the wall, at first excited, then worried, then bored, then anxious, then angry. We hide and hide. After a while, the game is not fun anymore.

Where is the seeker? Where is the person who is supposed to come find me here in my protected shell and cut me open? Where is that one who will make me trust him, make me comfortable, make me feel whole? Some people rot on the spot, waiting for the seeker who never comes.

The most important truth I can relate to you, if you are hiding and waiting, is that the seeker is you, and the world, behind so many walls, awaits.” ~~ Vironika Tugaleva