To Be With You

To be with you this evening,
rarest of the evenings all,
And listen to the whispering leaves
and to the night bird’s call
The silvery moonlight on your face-
To be with you in some still place.

To be with you somewhere within
this evening’s mystic shade,
To hear your plans and hopes
and tell you mine, all unafraid
That you’d forget to hold them dear,
When I’m away and you’re not here.

To be somewhere alone with you
and watch the myriad stars,
Far golden worlds beyond the noisy
earth’s unkindly jars,
As quietly they sail the night’s sea
Above all the world and you and me.

~~ Max Ehrmann ~~


You with the Still Soul

Maybe you have a still soul that
goes murmurless like water in the deep
of rivers.
And perchance you wander
silent amid the din of the world’s
grinding barter like one
journeying in strange lands.
You, too, with the still soul,
have your mission, for beneath the
dashing, noisy waves must ever
run the silent waters that give the tide
its course.
~~ Max Ehrmann ~~