16 responses to “Orange Gazania Flower

  1. Milady Carol,

    I notice you now have many, many people stopping by to absorb a little bit of the beauty you dispense to the world each day… and, I have to say, deservedly so…

    No one can come to your site, and maintain any feelings of sadness, or hurt, or anything but the smooth serenity that goes with seeing true beauty, whether visually, in a photo, or literally, in verse….

    It seems I had forgotten how much I depended on that…. I have so many of your flowers in my wallpaper background, I see them all the time, so, I do have that, but, the ones I’ve seen the last few days I’ve been able to come back by, reminds me why I liked to come by in the first place…

    So, kudos, on the success of your blog, and thanks, for sharing the spirit within you, of which, what we see here is merely a reflection…. and that’s the truth….

    Ned, aka gigoid


      • ๐Ÿ™‚

        I just calls ’em as I sees ’em, ma’am…. You’ve known me long enough to know I tell the truth, as far as I know it to be, so…That makes it easy, in your case, to seem kind, by simply telling it like it is…

        I’m hanging tough; life does have its moments, doesn’t it? We can’t always predict how they’ll come out, and some of my moments, of late, have contained a bit of turmoil, in some respects… nothing terribly catastrophic, merely a number of emotionally tedious interactions that have little purpose…. Time will pass, and I’ll have my life back the way it needs to be, soon enough….I know, a little obscure, but, this IS a public forum, right? Suffice to say, I’m fine, and will be better yet, no worries…

        I DO find my beauty, that is so; the search for it often provides me with my only reason for doing anything at all, at least of an overtly physical nature… I’ve been trying to take a lot of photos of late, as I walk around town on my business, while also trying to increase my ability to do that particular activity… I’m having a lot of fun, learning how to take photos in a lot of conditions, and still have them turn out to be quality shots… Gotta keep the mind working, right? Learning new stuff helps…

        I hope all is well in your life as well, my dear… You take care….I’ll be back, sooner than later…



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