Rudbeckia Flower



42 responses to “Rudbeckia Flower

  1. This flower is such perfection! I take tons of pictures of flowers. (My family makes fun of me.) But it’s rare to not have a tear or bug marks somewhere. Beautiful find! (And my first thought was, that’s a “radiating blossom!”

  2. Love how the blue stands out and brings the eye right in. When you look further, I see other notes of blue on the greenery. Nice!

  3. It took me a long time to appreciate Black Eyed Susans. I will probably never find them beautiful, beyond the wonder all flowers inspire in me. But I will say that nothing is “prettier” than rudbeckia and purple echinacea clustered by a roadside gate post on a summer afternoon.

  4. Your photos are fantastic and your words are beautiful, on a more personal note, you are an amazing looking woman x

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