I lay myself down
on the welcoming
ground, the earth’s
spine becoming mine.

Peace seeps into
heavy limbs and
slows my heartbeat
to the pace of nature.

I take refuge
in the quiet, and let
my burdens go,
one by one, until
the earth and I
both float in the
same vast and
holy silence.

~~ Danna Faulds ~~

Throw off the bonds…

Throw off the bonds of your conditioning and fear and
celebrate the wonder of being here.  Experience this
moment as it is, connected by breath and essence to the
whole.  You couldn’t be separate if you tried.
Live this day as if the earth exhales blessings in your
direction, as if trees speak their deepest secrets in your
ear, as if bird songs can lift you outside your ordinary
state of mind and bring you into truth.
Be the creative juice flowing through the universe.  Be
compassion in action and wholeness in motion.  Be silence
and stillness, the ocean of love so palpable that not one
cell of you disputes the truth that you are that.
~~ Danna Faulds ~~

Here is a day…

Here is a day,
dawn to dark,
a string of moments
small enough to
ignore or notice,
a stretch of time
between awakening
and sleep to be
savored, or brushed
aside in the rush
to some distant
destination.  Here
is a day, different
from any other,
with its own flavor
to be tasted.  The
golden glow just
before the sun
rose held such
promises as I
knew must be kept –
knew beyond even
the nagging whisper
of doubt were true –
that this very day
the whole perfection
of the universe can
be inhaled like the
scent of fallen leaves,
the heady fragrance
of trees returning what
was never theirs to keep.
~~ Danna Faulds ~~


Settle in the here and now.
Reach down into the center
where the world is not spinning
and drink this holy peace.

Feel relief flood into every
cell. Nothing to do. Nothing
to be but what you are already.
Nothing to receive but what
flows effortlessly from the
mystery into form.

Nothing to run from or run
toward. Just this breath,
awareness knowing itself as
embodiment. Just this breath,
awareness waking up to truth.

~~ Danna Faulds ~~