17 responses to “October 2020 in Yosemite

    • Thanks Beth…we visit Yosemite at least once a month now, and it is exactly for the reason you have stated…for its ability to bring calm to an otherwise troubled existence these days. It’s not just me, it’s probably just about everyone who is in need of some sense of peace.

    • Hi Charlene – I’m always so surprised to see you here on this blog! Tomorrow will be a good day with all the kids and my mom together, even if we need to all be outdoors and spaced apart. This may be our last get together for this year because we are all trying our hardest to be careful, mostly because of mom…and the weather will likely be too cold here in November and December to have an outdoor gathering. We will just need to make the most of tomorrow. ๐Ÿ™‚

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