19 responses to “California’s Fire Sun

  1. Beautiful and terrifying. Fire everywhere. I hope it’s over for all of you soon. People, animals, just one more horror story taking place, at the moment I wish I could send some midwest rain storms your way. Thinking about you and hoping you’re safe.

    • Thank you, we are safe for now. We had a reservation to go to Yosemite (today) but we need to put it off. The Creek Fire is burning not far from Yosemite. It’s all unbelievably sad and just this morning I was thinking about the poor animals in the midst of all of this. We would love to have some of your midwest storms!

      • Yes, helpless…that is exactly it. But we do need to do something about climate change, otherwise, future years will continue to cause so much suffering. The planet may not even be able to survive if things continue as they are, that is my belief. 😦

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