Milan the Pup

Hi Everyone – I wanted to take a few minutes to introduce Milan, my wonderful pup. I adopted Milan about a year ago. She is a Formosan Mountain Dog from Taiwan. A year and a half ago, I was looking for a rescue dog to adopt and accidentally stumbled upon Milan. I was actually looking for a Beagle, but her photo and information came up since it was believed she might have a little bit of Beagle in her. I wasn’t looking for an international adoption at all when I first set out on my search, but when I saw Milan’s videos and her photos, I knew I had to have her. Her story is that she spent the first six months of her life traveling in the mountains and streets of Taiwan with a companion puppy. They had to fend for themselves and when they were found by the rescue organization, she was very thin and malnourished. Her companion puppy even had difficulty walking from lack of care. The last photo below was taken shortly after Milan was found roaming the streets on her own. Taiwan does not have the resources to take good care of animals in shelters and for that reason, there are several rescue organizations that try to help. The dogs are brought to the United States if people can be found here who will adopt them. And I was one of those people.
I will always believe Milan and I were meant to be together. I’ve had lots of dogs in my life, but I’ve never had a dog so perfectly suited for a photographer. I found out very early on that Milan looks forward to the times we spend together putting some goofy costume on her and then she’ll sit very still while I take photographs. I take photos of her every day, but I don’t post them here on the blog. I share them with family and friends. In the last couple days I started a Facebook fan page for Milan and wanted to share the link in case you want to follow along. She will surely make you smile and knowing that I’m able to spread a little bit of happiness in this world right now makes me happy as well. The link to her page is:Β 
Hope all of you are doing as well as can be. We are all praying for better tomorrows. Love to all of you. – Carol


11 responses to “Milan the Pup

    • Thanks Sawsan…yes, she came a long way to be my love. In Taiwan, dogs that are picked up are euthanized within just a couple days. I am grateful to have found her and for all the love she gives. It was all meant to be.

  1. Welcome, Milan, so nice to meet you! She is beautiful, Carol! So happy you found one another. These precious beings being so much joy, especially nowadays. Can’t imagine being without my crew. πŸ’•

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