Through A Window

There are many windows through
which we can look out into the
world, searching for meaning …

… Most of us, when we ponder on the
meaning of our existence,
peer through but one of these
windows onto the world.
And even that one is often misted over
by the breath of our finite humanity.

We clear a tiny peephole and stare through.

No wonder we are confused by the
tiny fraction of a whole that we see.

It is, after all, like trying to
comprehend the panorama of the
desert or the sea through
a rolled-up newspaper.

~~ Jane Goodall ~~

5 responses to “Through A Window

  1. Of course I love Jane Goodall. And her perspective here rings so true. The Universe — and whatever intelligence may be behind it, if any — is so much more vast and incomprehensible than we can imagine. Sometimes the best we can do is to stand before it in awe.

    Love you…


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