A Gentle Revolution

Beautiful words from Sharon at A Leaf in Springtime…”This big, this deep, yearning ache to make our lives count is a very precious gift. It is the call of every human heart. From the moment Life was breathed into our very essence, this deep hunger to fulfill our life’s mission was sacredly intertwined into our very existence.”

A Leaf in Springtime


When I was 10, I wanted to leave my mark in the world.

I knew I was born for something big.

I knew I was born with a revolution raging in my soul.

I knew I was born to be remembered. My name forever engraved in history. My quest for significance burned with an ache so desperate that only 10 year olds are capable of feeling.

On t.v. I had watched some middle-school kids in America burying a time-capsule filled with the students’ names and scribbled messages. It thrilled me to my toes just thinking that my name, my hopes and my handwriting would be discovered decades later.

But this was back in 1980, back at a time when the Malaysia I grew up in was still mostly sleepy towns and large patches of untamed jungle territory. And there I was, an unknown girl, in an unknown village, in an…

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