Weaving a Work

Pay attention to the ones
who find happiness in their work,
who know how to sift pure gold
from the slag-heap of days,
who work with a purpose,
and without haste –
like the diligent spider
who slips along her slender thread,
spooled from the cave
of her dexterous body.  See
how she casts her gossamer
and dangerous net
into her ocean of sky, weaving
a work as if she had but one day
to live – and as if she had
a thousand years.
~~ Pamela Cranston ~~

7 responses to “Weaving a Work

  1. A lovely choice of words for the day. Strangely, I have read three posts in the past two days about spiders, and my own latest post is called ‘Dog spider dreams’ – there seems to be some synchronicity going on here!

  2. It is very beautiful to read, and very inspiring. The acts we do because it comes naturally to us, can seem like art to others. A spider weaves an complex web in order to catch food to survive, we see as a piece of beauty. Some write because it’s how they express themselves through times of worry, anger, sadness, etc, and we read beauty.

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