I like this photo because…

…first of all, these are the two most special girls in my life, my daughter, Janie, and my granddaughter, Katie.  It was Janie’s 26th birthday a few days ago and just as I was snapping this photo, Katie decided to give her mom a kiss.  What happened with the photo turned out to be one of life’s “melt your heart” moments for me.  Sometimes…I get lucky with a photograph.  I love these two.  🙂

16 responses to “I like this photo because…

    • Jueseppi – You work so tirelessly it seems on issues of such importance. I can only imagine the burden you must feel some days. I’m happy to hear that I have helped in some small way…thank you my friend. 🙂

  1. What a beautiful photograph. It is so full of love and peace. It almost feels like I am intruding on an intimate moment of love shared by mother and daughter when I am looking at it. Thank-you for posting such a special moment. It is one of those photos that renews my faith in the love that is “out there” in the world!

    • Ah, you know what I meant then…all of why I love this photo so much. It was an accidental capture, the best. Thank you for sharing such wonderful thoughts. Your kind words are appreciated. 🙂

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