31 responses to “Earthquake Orchid

  1. I have been reading online what transpired last night and I immediately began to think of people I may know in the area of the quake/aftershocks. I wasn’t sure of whom I may know from WP – but regardless, I have been thinking about everyone affected. Please be safe – xxxxx we are thinking about you.

    • Thanks David. I’ve thought a lot about it today and living in California, you kind of accept the fact that the earth will simply move from time to time. But it was the first time that I’ve felt to such a great extent the incredible power of nature and how tiny we really are. It was the sound, more than anything else that got to me. What I heard was the “sound” of an earthquake…for about 20 seconds, as the house moved back and forth, a low pitched, constant, and very eerie grumbling of the earth. Such power.

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