It’s someone’s birthday today…

Yes, mine! Another year older…and I wish I could say another year wiser, but I’m not sure about that one.  Today seems like a good day to thank all of you for being a part of my life.  I am so grateful for the poets, the writers, the photographers, the artists, all of you who endlessly try to find what is good and pass it along ~ for sharing the beauty that you see in the world, for sharing your words of hope, of healing, of love, for sharing your experiences so that we all know that we are truly not alone.  You enrich my life each and every day and I feel blessed to be traveling this journey with all of you.  Thank you, with all my love. ~ Carol

80 responses to “It’s someone’s birthday today…

      • Actually I should thank you. It inspired me to write a poem which will not get posted for a while but will let you see it. It may end up with different last line:

        I Will Hang Your Picture

        Close now to the end or beginning of another year,
        I will take paper and pen and to one side
        Think of all the things I have done well and right
        As I see them in my mind’s eye and memory.

        On the other will be those things I cannot forget
        I have done wrong. Not mistakes I’ve made,
        For they belong on the other side, because
        Those things along with failures belong to doing
        Things right in life, part of the act of growing
        Part of perhaps growing wiser though wisdom too
        Is a sometime thing and often fleeting in its impact
        On tomorrow when it may not make much sense.

        No, the list of wrongs is things done terribly bad
        –Decisions made and acts done with clear intent
        Behind them knowing such outcomes as occurred
        Were pure cause and effect of conscious thoughts
        Without caring about resulting states of things
        Left broken, soiled, discarded and truly regretted.

        The parts of life we leave, are repulsed by are regrets
        Left over time to wear away at our self-worth
        Until we realize we simply must accept them as part
        Of who and what we were. When I have come
        To that point, the end of my listing will be the time
        To put pen down and take match to the paper.

        The good things will always remain what they are.
        The wrongs will burn slow, burn nonetheless to ashes.
        I will begin a new year and perhaps decide finally
        I will hang your picture on my wall, but askew.


  1. Your flowers and chosen words are an insight into your loving heart. You being light into this world. The world is better for you being here.. Peace

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAROL! You have a beautiful gift. You ARE a beautiful gift. Your photography and your curation of wonderful quotes and poetry are such a treat. Thanks for choosing to share and put YOUR beauty into the world.

  3. A great day to celebrate life!
    Today is one of my daughter’s Birthday’s too.
    Happy Birthday to you beautiful flower.
    Yes – I love all the flowers that you share on here & see you as one too.

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