Dear Child of Mine

Dear child of mine
please find strength in the days ahead
to overcome the difficulties
and to heal the brokenness.
Dear child of mine
please let me share the burden
and look toward me for comfort
when all of life seems so bleak.
Dear child of mine
please take the fragments of my heart
floating like sailboats of hope
in the ocean of my tears.
~~ C.W. ~~

15 responses to “Dear Child of Mine

  1. Beautiful, and I can understand it so well. My children are in their 40s and I know their problems are their own to solve but my heart still hurts when they are hurting and I still want to kiss it and make it better. 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you for sharing this. It is beautiful – like an ancient inscription from the Goddess deeply true from the hearts of all Mothers and a prayer for the hearts of children no matter how old or young. I’ve often felt that Mothers not only bring us into our incarnation in the physical world but also help to anchor us here and stabilize the struggling spirit as it adjust to the chains of matter-which often takes far longer than the requisite 18 years!

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